In The Community

(Saint Mark A.M.E. Zion Church]

Based on the inscription on a foundation pillar, Saint Mark Church was built in 1917. In rebuilding the church we have stayed true to the construction style appropriate for that era.

Times were hard and the church members probably struggled to build this little church. Parishioners had to raise money for the simplest of materials such as nails, paint, shingles, brick, windows and doors. The rough cut heart pine lumber came from local sawmills. The floors are reclaimed from tobacco barns. The ceilings and walls were salvaged from homes owned by descendants of slaves near Ayden, N.C. There was no electricity or plumbing in the early days of the church.

In 1954 the church bell was blown down during Hurricane Hazel. The bell was recovered from the wreckage and still resides in the steeple.
One gentleman shared a story that parishioners came to church on a mule cart, in a horse and buggy or by foot. His was the only family with a car. In the winter he came to church early on Sundays to stoke the wood burning stove.

The A.M.E. Zion Church held services here for many years. Our purpose was to save “Little Church” because it meant so much to the community and to the surviving parishioners. Our promise to the church and to the community is that it will remain a “house of worship.” Chris Moshoures

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